Rangoli – 14

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Type of Competition Rangoli
Eligibility I-XII
  • 1. I&II
  • 2. III-V
  • 3. VI-VIII
  • 4. IX-XII
  • Individual Team
  • Start: 15Jul13
  • End: 15Feb14
Registration By Open
Venue Respective Schools
Rules of Conduct
  • Individual and Teams
  • Themes will be given
  • Bring Own Colours
  • Make Rangoli in School
  • Checking at School
  • Result made at school
  • Result sheet to send
  • Principals certificate of authentic conduct
Despatch Materials Result sheet, CD with photos of Rangoli of top 3, Principal’s certificate
Result Earliest But Not Later Than (EBNLT) 01-03-2014
Prizes Mar-Apr 14


  • Principal’s Certificate of authentic conduct must be sent with all results. This will certify that the competition was conducted fairly.
  • Camera recordings must be done without any stopping in between and sent to us on a CD. The paticipant must be in view throughout the recording.
  • Where ever recordings are sent a proper record of the participants must be sent which should be self explanatory.
  • Any material which is sent to us becomes solely our property. These materials may be used by us in any ethical way.
  • Where ever material for the top 3 has been asked for, kindly send only relevant material.
  • For registration of students please use Student’s Registration Form (1A). Last dates for registration must be kept in mind.
  • For registartion of School, please use School Registration Form (1B).
  • For sending the result, please use Student’s Result Form (1C)
  • Please make sure all columns are filled in all the Forms.
  • In case of any clarifications, please call 7508144469/ 9779047837 or email: info@interschool-compeitions.com